Elite Secure – Social Security Program

  • By Elite CIO
  • Date Oct 26, 2019
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Elite Secure – Social Security Program

Life has all kinds of surprises and we can never guess whatthe future holds for us. This makes it very important to prepare ourselves forany unfortunate events and secure our future.

To let you get out and enjoy life carefree, Elite CIO Council will help Elite CIOs toprepare for any unexpected circumstance that life can throw our way. After all,being ready is the first step towards preventing any circumstances frombecoming a disaster with the safety net of Elite Secure – Social SecurityProgram.

Elite CIO Council has proudly introduced EliteSecure – Social Security Program in an event held on 20 Oct 2019at Mapple Emerald, New Delhi and Elite Secure policies were distributed to 28Elite CIOS.

Benefits –

1.      Personal Accident Sum Assured @15Lac Per EliteCIOs

2.      Education Benefits Per Kid up to 1Lac

3.      Family Transportation

4.      Temporary Disability

5.      House Modification

6.      Medex – OPD /IPD and many more…

We are discussing with agency to cover more additionalbenefits to secure your future today to care Elite CIO community.

Policy will be automatically renewed on or before due dateand will be valid up to 70 years.

All Elite CIO Council members who has registered over EliteCIO Mobile app, will be covered under this this program.  Registration for Social Security program willbe reopen in Nov 19.