About Us

With innovative and constantly evolving world, role of CIOs requires adapting to the changing face of the modern business enterprise. It has widened from creating business value through technology, strategic planning of business growth objectives, Information risk management (IRM) to ensuring the tech systems and procedures leading to outcomes in line with business goals. New Technology based businesses focuses on innovation, business excellence, technology foresight, and ground-breaking IT strategies as the need of the hour. Smart CIOs are capitalising on this situation and taking increased ownership over digital disruption and these opportunities for growth. 

Who we are:

ELITE CIO represents CIOs across globe by building a neutral community for innovation development, idea exchange and best practice implementation. We nurture Technology Leaders, unite our thoughts to speak with One Voice and support to deal with the challenges faced by CIOs and their social security.

We support our members through:

- Extensive reality tested peer-to-peer interaction

- In-depth knowledge accessing platform

- Focused CIO business events

- Professional development programs including skill based training

- CIO Social Security Program

- Communities of practice and opportunities in media and public relations

- Thought provocation to develop better practices with Regulatory Bodies

What we do:

ELITE CIO is association of CIOs of India to connect the two pillars of Technology, the Vendors and Technology. Elite CIO has always been at the forefront of introducing and sharing among associates/members the best Global IT leadership strategies and practices to enhance business performance and results. Also, we induce a culture of inquiry, debate and discussions on the issues vital to the IT & IoT, functioning, mechanism and maintaining and promoting the best IT practices by organizing on regular basis seminars, workshops, national and international conferences.